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「Visa Vietnam 2020」5 common mistakes in Vietnam visa application process for Visa on arrival (Landing visa)

To help tourists avoid the same thing, we have listed the common mistakes when applying for a landing visa in Vietnam.

(1) No non-online application for landing visa in Vietnam:

Many people think they can get a visa directly at Vietnam airport without applying online. BUT you must have a Visa approval letter before onboarding. Your flight may be delayed, canceled or waiting at the airport until your visa is approved.

-> Therefore, you need to apply for a visa approval letter before you onboarding and flight to Vietnam.

Please click this link to apply visa approval letter:

(2) Vietnam landing visa can pick at the border:

Vietnam landing visa is only applicable to air travel, which means there is no landing visa for land transit or port entry. Therefore, if you do not enter Vietnam by air, make sure you get your visa in advance.

(3) Spelling/typing errors:

Many applicants fill in the application form with incorrect information: the full name, passport number or date of birth on the passport. Usually, this may not be a big problem; however, in some cases, they may be rejected by the airline at the departure airport because the information on the approval letter does not match the information on the passport. Therefore, make sure that the information is correct and enter everything carefully.

(4) Arrival date:

Many people believe that visas are valid from the date they enter Vietnam, not from the date they provide them, but this is not the case. The visa will be valid from the date you provide in advance, not from the day you enter Vietnam. Therefore, before you order a visa from Vietnam, make sure you have a clear understanding of when to enter and how to plan your trip.

(5) Visa extension:

Many people think it’s easy to extend their visa once they are in Vietnam, but in fact, it’s not easy. Extending the visa can be a time-consuming and expensive process. Therefore, if possible, please apply for a visa three months in advance, rather than one month in order to save the visa extension.

We hope that the above FAQs can help tourists save time on visa applications and avoid some troubles to make your journey better.



中国公民不在越南免签证名单中。 因此,居住在澳门或其他国家的澳门公民需要申请签证签证才能进入越南并在越南工作或旅游。

为什么该乘气车前往美奈? 美奈市-藩切省是一片大自然赋予美丽的海滩和许多壮丽的沙滩的土地。到达美奈市之后,游客一定会有新有趣的体验。

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